A guide to Fort Collins gyms

Ty Davis

Maybe after a long day, students want to blow off some steam, so they decide to head to the Colorado State University Recreation Center to get a workout in, but it’s packed. The gym rats are just talking around the bench you’re waiting on, the wanna-be Instagram model is on their 15th set in the squat rack and the guy on the machine you need is just watching TV. Luckily, there are other options for people who need to get a workout in.

Here is a list of the local gyms that offer an environment that appeals to a variety of activities and a general sense of health, wellness and fitness. 


Alive by Raintree

Alive by Raintree is good if you’re looking for a gym that will suffice in a variety of ways. The facility offers weighted sleds, battle ropes, Olympic lifting platforms, squat racks, press benches, a TRX anchoring area, battle ropes and a variety of other free weights, weight machines and standard cardio equipment. The most prominent features the gym offers are the two studios with large screens that allow users to display the classes they are interested in, from yoga and flexibility to HIIT workouts. The gym offers many amenities; however, it doesn’t offer expertise on any of them. 

Monthly Rates: $35/month

Student Discount: None

Trial: 3 consecutive days 

Elevate Barbell

Elevate is a weights-focused gym, focusing on all styles, including powerlifting, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting and even strongman to an extent. The gym provides much of the lifting equipment one would expect, with a machine focus on plate machines and the occasional bodyweight training apparatus, such as gymnast rings. Non-membership visits are by appointment only, and some parts of the building are still under construction. 

Monthly Rates: $79/month

Student discount: $59/month 

Trial: None


Foothills Activity Center

The Foothills Activity Center does not have a lot in general, but it works for what it is. The gym area itself is fairly small and only has the standard equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, a multi-capable machine, a few weight machines and free weight areas. In addition, there is some wellness equipment, like Swiss balls, Bosus, resistance bands and balance boards. The center also has a full basketball court area and fitness studio. It doesn’t have much specialty equipment, but it will give you the basics. The FAC is operated by the City of Fort Collins.

Monthly Rates: $34/month 

Student discount: None

Trial: None

Kerley’s Fitness

Kerley’s is hyper-focused on athleticism and functional fitness. There are free weights and machines, but the main focus is clearly on the various equipment like sleds, carries, plyometric boxes, clubs, maces and Olympic platforms that all focus on functional movement. So, if you’re looking for a gym that offers a diverse, full-body workout, Kerley’s may be a good option. 

Monthly Rates: $65/month

Student Discount: None

Trial: 10 day free trial for group classes

Northside Aztlan Community Center

Similar to the Foothills Activity Center, the Northside Aztlan Community Center is your standard all-around gym, except this one focuses on free weights rather than machines. There’s also a gymnasium and a general focus on health and wellness apart from heavy lifting. The Northside Aztlan Community Center is operated by the City of Fort Collins.

Monthly Rates: $34/month 

Student Discount: None

Trial: None

Old Town Athletic Club

Old Town Athletic Club embodies the idea of the “neighborhood gym.” It features your run of the mill free weights, cable machines and a wellness and health area. What makes Old Town Athletic Club different is that it features a CrossFit gym next door, as well as a daycare center where parents can leave their child while they work out. There’s nothing especially exceptional about Old Town Athletic Club, but at the end of the day, it gets the job done. 

Monthly Rates: $45/month

Student Discount: None

Trial: 1 week


Prodigy is a classic bodybuilding gym. The gym is packed with various weighted machines. The dumbbells can go to obscene amounts. I compared it to a strength dungeon. You won’t get much variety in activities, but if you’re looking for a classic-style gym for lifting a Herculean amount of weights, there’s little better than Prodigy. 

Monthly Rates: $35.99/month

Student discount: $29.99/month

Trial: 3 consecutive days


Raintree is a gym with a lot of variety. In addition to weights and cardio, Raintree also has a spinning rock climbing wheel, a track around the gym, a laned pool, a cycling studio, dance studio, pilates studio, basketball court and more. Raintree is a good place to go for people with a steady routine who also enjoy trying new things or changing it up every once and while. What makes Raintree different is that it doesn’t have too much variety and instead focuses on providing high-quality equipment and amenities. 

Monthly Rates: $67/month

Student Discount: $47/month 

Trial: 1-day trial

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