7 female-powered indie rock songs to add to your summer playlist

Lauryn Bolz

From the continued success of the Me Too movement to Lizzo’s overtaking of pop culture, it’s fair to say that this is the summer of feminine power, especially in the music industry. As summer begins to heat up in Fort Collins, a playlist of some of these female-led bands is in order to accompany your vacation. Whether it will be playing through the aux on a road trip or while you stock up on some summer credits in the classroom, these indie beats and feminine vocals are sure to make you feel empowered.

  • Beach Bunny: “Sports”

Beach Bunny has taken over summer playlists since they began releasing music in 2016, and their discography continues to grow each year with more fun, poolside tunes. Want to kick off your summer with some live indie music? The band, fronted by Lili Trifilio, will be performing in Denver June 29 alongside PUP.


  • Trash Cat: “Straw Girl”

Straight off of their debut album, Trash Cat’s “Straw Girl” is a true summertime bop. The locally-born band, led by Mary Claxton, fuses positive themes with innovative, alternative beats. The fun lyrics and Hayden Farr’s upbeat saxophone melody in “Straw Girl” make it a great addition to a trip up the Poudre.

  • Japanese Breakfast: “Soft Sounds from Another Planet”

Blast off with Japanese Breakfast and the title track from her 2017 album “Soft Sounds from Another Planet.” Michelle Zauner’s hauntingly beautiful vocals and minimal accompaniment in this song will truly send you to a different world. Save the album on Spotify and bring a speaker up to Horsetooth for a night of stargazing.

  • Hop Along: “How Simple” 

Follow Frances Quinlan as she explores her own feminine identity in the band’s 2018 album, “Bark You Head Off, Dog.” Quinlan’s paradoxically soft yet strong vocals layered over her powerful guitar work makes “How Simple” a positively empowering summer tune.

  • Mitski: “First Love / Late Spring”

Stuck in your hometown while swiping through Instagram photos of your friend’s grand tropical vacations? A throwback from Mitski’s 2014 album, “Bury Me At Makeout Creek,” embodies some of the loneliness that sometimes comes along with summertime.

  • Diet Cig: “Tummy Ache”

Diet Cig proves you can still be a punk while wearing a skirt in their 2017 song “Tummy Ache.” Alex Luciano’s punchy vocals in the album “Swear I’m Good at This” form the perfect mood for a night on the town with the girl gang.

  • Lady Lamb: “Crater Lake” 

Headed up to the mountains for the weekend? The soft guitar and Lady Lamb’s relaxing yet lonely lyrics in “Crater Lake” are a great accompaniment to a cup of coffee in the morning after camping. The indie folk artist has a great wealth of other chill summer beats as well, especially on her newest album, “Even in the Tremor.”

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