5 podcasts to listen to when you’re doing other things

Elena Waldman

As summer break settles in and the strict student regime we’re all used to falls apart, it can be overwhelming to find things to fill up newfound free time. Luckily, streaming platforms offer no shortage of distractions, and everyone can find something to entertain them until a new thing comes along. Podcasts are especially popular now, and as opposed to television or music, the conversational style of podcasting can be easier to follow when you’re multitasking.

Here are five podcasts to listen to when you’re packing, cleaning, tanning or whatever other summer activities you may be up to.


  1. “Seek Treatment with Cat and Pat”

Armed with two New York-based comedians Catherine Cohen and Pat Regan, “Seek Treatment” is chaotically hilarious. The mantra of the show is “a podcast about boys, sex, f*cking, dating and love,” but the two travel conversationally through lessons about life and adulthood, interviewing a variety of other comedians and entertainers while still staying true to the theme. Both comics are not short of clever quips, and listeners won’t be able to help but pick up the hosts’ catch-phrases that are generously sprinkled throughout every episode. “Seek Treatment” has a lot of personality, making it a great listen for when you’re out and about or running errands. Be careful, though — you may find yourself met with some weird stares when you’re laughing out loud in public. If you do choose to listen to their energetic banter, “Seek Treatment” can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.

  1. “H3 Podcast”

For people who say relationships and work don’t mix, Ethan and Hila Klein of “H3 Podcast” would beg to differ. The two offer refreshing insight on popular culture, which is emphasized by the dynamic of the hosts. Ethan, the more cynical host, is known for lampooning celebrities, entertainment, politics and everything in between. Hila, on the other hand, is much less critical and balances out some of the harsher takes of the former. In this regard, the podcast is perfectly edgy and isn’t too dark or mean-spirited. As the episodes are rather lengthy, ranging from one to two hours long each, this is a great podcast to listen to on long drives to keep you from falling asleep at the wheel. Listeners can find “H3” on Spotify and Apple Music.

These podcasts can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

3. “Small Doses with Amanda Seales”

“Small Doses with Amanda Seales” is a breath of fresh air, to say the least. Seales unpacks culture without focusing too much on petty controversies and broadens the conversation to focus on how media affects consumers. Each hour-long episode’s title begins with “Side Effects of,” introducing Seales’ ability to further explore deeper facets of culture that aren’t regularly talked about, such as the impact of fame, money or radical artistry. “Small Doses” is refreshingly optimistic. Rather than pointing out flaws in society with ironic deprecation, Seales attempts to find a cure in some of these flaws, encouraging her audience to pursue self-care, positivity and artistic freedom. Along with thoughtful commentary, each episode is complemented by enough sound effects and music to keep the listening experience fun. “Small Doses” is a perfect listen for when you’re getting ready in the morning to get you in a positive mood for the day and can be found on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

4. “Yeah, But Still”

“Yeah, But Still” feels more like a one-hour hang out with co-hosts Brandon Wardell and Jack Wagner than a traditional podcast, mostly because it doesn’t have a particular theme. Instead, Wardell and Wagner converse about their lives within the entertainment industry as a comedian and director, respectively, along with a slew of other subjects, from Twitter culture to ’90s nostalgia. Because there is no set structure, “Yeah, But Still” is often more experimental and spontaneous than most podcasts, so listeners are always in for a surprise. Sometimes it’s a thoughtful analysis of culture, sometimes it’s a hard-hitting investigative piece, sometimes it’s an interview with a popular entertainer and sometimes Wardell is just prattling about how horny he is at length. Listeners can find free episodes of “Yeah, But Still” on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud or subscribe to their Patreon if they need a little more of this comedic duo to brighten up their day. 

5. “Why Won’t You Date Me? With Nicole Byer”

For those who didn’t get enough of Nicole Byer on the MTV series “Girl Code,” her podcast “Why Won’t You Date Me?” brings back her hilarious takes on dating. Byer bluntly talks about her love life without skipping even the most intimate details, from weird Tinder dates to bad sex. Byer’s candid storytelling is not for everyone, but it is perfectly relatable to people who are pursuing romance and are enduring the same embarrassing or strange dating experiences. “Why Won’t You Date Me?” isn’t just a clickbait title, either. Byer actually invites other comedians and entertainers onto her podcast to ask them why they won’t date her. This podcast is a fantastic way to make boring house cleaning or laundry folding a little less mundane and can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

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