4 Undie Run alternatives to do during dead week

Graham Shapley

With the Undie Run under fire from Colorado State University, stressed students may find themselves without plans for the end of the semester. The annual event, traditionally seen as a way to blow off pre-finals stress, has been canceled by CSU for its propensity for property damage and increased reports of sexual assault.

For those who don’t want their last night of the semester to end in arrest, here are some alternatives to fill the underwear-shaped hole in your heart.


Police officers talk after dispersing participants of the 2018 CSU Undie Run on May 4th. (Matt Begeman | Collegian)
  1. Get started on that final you need to start on

Let’s be real here; the Undie Run is purportedly a way to blow off some steam before finals week, but many students have barely started preparing. That final project that needs to be done by Monday won’t get any more done by putting it off just to run around without pants on.

Being undressed and working towards academic success aren’t technically mutually exclusive, as long as you do it in the privacy of your own home. Just don’t try this sort of thing in Morgan Library.

  1. Drop by the Spring Dance Capstone Concert

At 7:30 p.m., shortly after the listed start time for the Undie Run, the University Center for the Arts is letting its dance students flaunt their stuff onstage. Supporting the hard work and mastery of dance that these students have achieved is well worth any student’s time.

Tickets are free for University students as well. Expose yourself to an evening of culture and choreography rather than simply, well, exposing yourself.

  1. Streak at home

Weather at this time of the year is famously unpredictable, and some forecasts predict the day of the Undie Run will be a snowy one. Why brave the cold (and risk a cold) when spending time in the warm embrace of an apartment or dorm will be a more pleasant experience? If you must procrastinate studying to streak, do it in style.

Nobody will police a student’s state of undress in their own home or dorm room, other than perhaps roommates, and alcohol consumption will still be an option for those who are of age. Property damage is also on the table– just not on the University’s ~$150,000 dime.

  1. Watch a show

For chronic procrastinators or those who have already prepared for finals looking to blow off some steam, a movie or TV show is always a good option. Get together some friends and stop by a theatre to destress a different way. Once again, for those of age, alcohol is an option, and the season of big summer blockbusters has just begun.

For people who don’t want to leave their homes, streaming services are also a worthy option. Catch up on that series that a friend has been recommending for years– in undies if you prefer.

Just because the Undie Run isn’t happening, it doesn’t mean that students don’t deserve a bit of stress relief. Students should take the time to take care of themselves in non-destructive and safe ways.

Collegian reporter Graham Shapley can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com and on Twitter @shapleygraham.