6 resources for finding a place to live

Dom Brazeau

As the semester is coming to an end, it may be time to look for somewhere to live next year or a way out of your current living situation. Doing this in a short amount of time can be hard and risky, as scams can come frequently in the house hunt. Colorado State University off-campus living provides many different resources that can help you find roommates, apartments and even houses.

Here are some resources students can use to find a better living situation. 


CSU rental search

The rental search allows you to find roommates, vacant listings and rooms to rent. It is available for students to use with their same login information as RamWeb. Simply create a profile for yourself as an available roommate, then you’re free to start looking.

Apartment complex list

Off-campus living provides you with a full list of apartments that are open to rent to compare prices. The list also includes the amenities, distance from campus and contact information to start a lease. 

Many off-campus living options can be found on the CSU Off-Campus Life website. 

Property management list

This list is similar to the apartment complex option, but it applies to houses rather than apartments. As much of the off-campus housing is managed by property management companies, CSU off-campus living provides a list of these companies and resources to get into contact with them and their websites. 

Northern Colorado Rentals

Northern Colorado Rentals offers similar help as the CSU rental search but they are free and open to the entire Northern Colorado area. Users are given the option to enter their search criteria on the website, NorthernColoradoRentals.com, to find options that best fit their needs. 

Temporary housing suggestion

CSU off-campus living offers a list of places that allow you to have short leases ranging anywhere from one to six months to fill the gap between places or serve as a summer home while your roommates return home for break. This list shows the details, rates, and contact information needed to set up a visit.



Craigslist allows you to find a single room to rent posted by independent landlords. This can be an easy way to find a place last-minute but is risky at times. Because there is the chance of being scammed, people should look for red flags such as landlords asking for payment before meeting. 

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