Nav bores on ‘Bad Habits’

Dom Brazeau

Courtesy of iTunes.

Canadian rapper Nav delivers his newest album, “Bad Habits,” after a short retirement. Nav first came onto the rap scene after releasing two albums in 2017 with “NAV” and “Perfect Timing.” He also released an album in 2018 called “Reckless.” After the release of all these projects, it became increasingly unclear why Nav was popular.

Nav is friends with many major people in rap right now, including Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert and The Weeknd, all of whom have been pushing to make Nav a major part of the music scene.


Nav has not been shy when it comes to getting himself in the media. After the release of “Bad Habits,” he said he wanted to be more famous and was mad that the press was not chasing him like TMZ.

Then, when Lil Uzi Vert said he was retiring, everyone was sad and disappointed, but when Nav said he was retiring to support Uzi, everyone seemed happy that he was done rapping. Instances like this show that Nav is not really viewed as anyone’s favorite.

“Bad Habits” features a superstar group of artists, including Gunna, Future, Meek Mill and 88GLAM. The album opens with the track “To My Grave,” a synthesizer-heavy instrumental that is one of a few interesting beats on the album. As for the lyrics, there is nothing special or memorable. This is a common trait in every song on the album.

The song “Tap,” featuring Meek Mill, is carried by Mill, and as soon as Nav starts rapping, the song returns to being boring and bland.

“Tussin,” featuring Young Thug, is one of the worst songs on the album with a awful closing verse from Young Thug about having a crush on his aunt.

For a project that has 24 songs on the deluxe version, not one song has the potential to become popular or remembered a week after the release. Nav picks the most boring beats to rap on and then doesn’t add anything to them other than a few lyrics about drugs and being the only brown boy to make it.

If this was his first album, it could slide, but Nav has been doing this for the past four years and nothing has changed or improved. After this album, it is clear that Nav is the least important figure in rap and “Bad Habits” is making a solid case for the worst album of the year.

“Bad Habits” can be listened to on Apple Music and Spotify.

Overall: 2/10

Favorite songs: Tap, Hold Your Breath

Least favorite song: Price on My Head

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