CSU Knit and Crochet club strings together a community around yarn crafts

Maddie Wright

Every other week, a close-knit group meets in Eddy to share their passion for yarn crafts.

The CSU Knit and Crochet club was started by two students who wanted to join a community with the same passion for yarn crafts that they had, but CSU did not offer one.


A green ball of yarn photographed with a pair of knitting needles.
A ball of yarn being knit.
(Courtesy pixabay)

The group seeks to share their purls of wisdom about knitting and crochet while also creating friendships all while unwinding from academics for a little bit. The founders love to knit and crochet. Tasha Reed, the club’s president and a junior music education major at CSU, even wore a pair of shoes with a yarn ball design to the informational meeting.

“We wanted to open up our favorite hobby to the students at CSU to let them gain a new hobby and gain a new social circle,” Reed said.

Getting down to the knitty gritty, the group meets 6 p.m.-8 p.m. the first and third Tuesday of every month. The meeting placed is currently but for now, they will meet in Eddy 102.

The club will start off the year establishing fundamental skills and creating a group project.

To teach elementary knitting and crocheting skills, the club is making a group blanket, said Rae Marsh, the group’s financial officer and communications liaison and a senior majoring in political science and law at CSU.  

As the year progresses to the spring semester, the group hopes to provide some sort of community service element.

“We would like to help our community with what we do so we’re hoping to create a bunch of projects for the elderly, the homeless, children, something like that, so whatever (we) do make we’re gonna donate,” Marsh said.

Reed and Marsh are striving to make this club as established as possible, including a weekly newsletter, opportunities to run for elected positions in the club and establishing a generally welcoming environment.

An array of knitting and yarn
An array of knitting and yarn. (Courtesy pixabay)

The two founders have an enthusiasm towards knitting and crocheting, as do the people in the club.

“I find knitting and crocheting really relaxing, learning how to do it better would make it more relaxing,” said Cara Bollinger, a junior majoring in graphic design.


As for Reed and Marsh, they view knitting and crocheting as both stress relief and a means to be creative, they said.

“It’s something that I can do that I don’t have to worry about,”Reed said. “It’s not as stressful and I’ve never been super artistic with drawing or anything, but this is something that I found that I could create.” 

This club wants to focus on the social aspect as well, Marsh said.

“It’s nice to have a place where you’re not doing a craft alone and everyone is accepting, which is kind of what we’re going for, so we’re going to do movie nights where you just sit and crochet or knit and have that non-school mentality for a little while,” Marsh said.

With an informational meeting turn out of 13, ranging in both gender and age, the club has big plans.

“I would love to have it be a campus-wide recognized club (so) even people who aren’t a part of it to be like ‘yeah the knitting club does this every year’ (and I’d like) if it was a good close-knit community,” Reed said.

The club seeks to create a legacy and a strong organization for future CSU generations.

“My number one priority is I would love to come back and know that it’s actually still going,” Marsh said. “I’m hoping for that commitment from the group, developing it and making it bigger every year.”

CSU Knit and Crochet club:

When: The group meets 6 to 8 p.m. the first and third Tuesday of every month

Where: Eddy 102

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