No bike? No problem: Here are 7 alternative ways to travel around FoCo

Maddie Wright

Fort Collins is famous for its biking community, but biking is not for everyone, which is perfectly okay. Fort Collins is equipped with numerous means of transportation that do not require your two-wheeled friend.

1. TransFort


With bus stops all across Fort Collins, TransFort can pretty much take you anywhere you need to go. The CSU ID serves as a bus pass, so it is completely free to all students. A new addition this school year is that certain TransFort routes will be running 365 days a year. You can text TransFort at 41411 with the message “TFORT” and a bus stop ID number, and they will respond with bus arrival times for that specific spot.

Go to for more information.

2. MAX Bus Rapid Transit System

(Collegian file photo)

The MAX is a bus that provides transportation from south to north Fort Collins via Mason Street. It is completely free to students and has many staple Fort Collins destinations right off of its route, including Colorado State University, Avogadro’s Number, Snooze Eatery and the Fort Collins Museum of Art. It connects to TransFort bus routes and Park and Rides. It also has free wifi, making it a good travel option for students. The MAX is constantly running, so the wait is never long.

Go to to view a full schedule

3. Uber/Lyft

Uber App (Photo Courtesy of

Why not try one of the famous transportation apps to get yourself to that cool concert at the Aggie? It’s super easy; both services assure safety for their riders (you may still want to bring a friend a long, though) and are fairly inexpensive.

4. RamRide

The RamRide app is used to book car reservations for late night rides. (Caio Pereira | Collegian)

RamRide will begin normal operations Aug. 24. RamRide is similar to Uber and Lyft, but it is completely free to students, and your driver is a fellow CSU ram. However, RamRide only operates on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. RamRide is also strictly reserved for for rides home, so do not call them for a ride to the party.

Call (970) 491-3333 to order a RamRide, and go to for more information.


5. Zipcar

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Zipcar is a carsharing service that has a partnership with CSU. It is a rental car service where you rent by the hour or even the day. Gas and insurance are both included.

Go to for more information.

6. Longboard

Long boarding is a popular means of transportation at CSU. ( Ryan Arb | Collegian)

Long boarding is sort of the same idea as riding a bike, but it is more easily transportable, it may fit with your aesthetic better and it is pretty popular here on campus. It can also be convenient for getting across campus in a hurry because you do not necessarily have to lock it up, and can just bring it right to class (depending on your professor).

7. Walk

If the destination is not far, consider walking. Being outside and getting a little bit of exercise is always a good idea. Plus, it helps you to avoid the “Freshman 15.” Our ancestors walked, and so can we.

Collegian reporter Maddie Wright can be reached at or on Twitter @maddierwright.