Funk band Con Brio to visit Aggie Theatre Tuesday

If you have been looking for new music to break up the radio station routine, look no further. Con Brio is a fairly new band out of San Francisco that offers a funky, psychedelic groove sound that will come as a breath of fresh air to many.

Fresh off a busy summer album release and run through the festival gamut, Con Brio is now on tour for the next five months. They are starting their tour off with four stops in Colorado, opening for another popular soul band, The Revivalists.


They are touring their new album “Paradise,” which was released in July. It is the band’s first official album, preceded only by a six-track EP, called “Kiss the Sun.”

“Paradise” tells the story of modern life. This is felt in the contradictions. Just as life has its ups and downs, some songs have very hopeful, uplifting messages while others deal with harder issues and having to face those problems.

“We tried to create a narrative in the studio, in the same way that we segue between songs live,” said 23-year-old front man, Ziek McCarter.

Their live shows have been highly regarded as a reason to see this band. The band has built a reputation of sonic bravado. This album is “a declaration of independence you can dance to; an assertion of what can happen when the human spirit is truly free,” says the band’s press release. McCarter has even been known to mix in backflips and splits with the rest of his crazy dance moves, and has been regarded as emulating a young Michael Jackson or James Brown.

After seeing them at 2015’s Austin City Limits festival, Mike Mannon of PopMatters wrote that Con Brio’s stage presence “seems at once rehearsed to perfection and absolutely bonkers, which is a good combo.”

The band has had more rehearsal since that performance. They have since played at major American festivals including Bonaroo, Lollapalooza, Summerfest and Outside lands. They have also had an international rotation through Japan, Canada, the Netherlands, England and France to name a few.

This band is definitely going places. Their unique sound, which comes from the seven member’s incredibly diverse backgrounds, combined with their live show energy will be unstoppable.

“Here’s what I know: there’s a can’t-miss kid, with a pretty damn good band backing him up, playing a small joint somewhere around America in the next couple of months who you need to get off your ass and see. You’re not going to be able to afford, or get, the tickets soon,” said Mannon in his 2015 article.

They will be playing a sold out show at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins on Tuesday, January 31. They will continue through Colorado, along with the Revivalists, hitting Beaver Creek on Feb. 2, Aspen on Feb. 3 and Denver’s Ogden Theatre on Feb. 4.

If you cannot make a show, the album is available on Spotify.


For more information, you can find the band at, on twitter and instagram under @thebandconbrio.