Chinese Spring Festival Gala brings colorful celebration to The Lincoln Center

Sarah Ehrlich

The Lincoln Center was home to colorful performances by students of CSU and Southwest University of China Saturday night to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

The celebration attracted many people who learned about the Chinese culture and the importance of the Lunar New Year with the help of students from the Dance, Music and Theater school of CSU, the Confucius Institute of CSU and students from the Southwest University of China.


“In China, the spring festival is the celebration of the new year,” said Wei Gao, associate provost CSU’s international China program. “It is the most important holiday of the year in our culture, a time for family and friends to come together.

Opening speeches were made by various department heads of both CICSU and Southwest University of China, read in both English and Chinese.

2 hosts dressed quite fashionably introduced all the performances in both Chinese and English. Photo credit: Sarah Ehrlich

“We aim to further the research, collaboration and professional exchanges among CSU and Chinese universities and research institutes,” said Wang Xiaohan, a representative from the CICSU. “We also wish to promote Chinese culture and language in northern Colorado and CSU.”

Before the performances began, Mayor Wade Troxell made an appearance and expressed his excitement for the Chinese Spring Festival’s growth every year.

“What a treat for us to have such talented friends from Southwestern University of China and here on campus,” Troxell said. “Fort Collins benefits immensely through partnerships such as this so we can enjoy events like this one tonight.”

3 dancers perform to a song titled "Moonlight on the Spring River" Photo credit: Sarah Ehrlich

The performances began with a folk music ensemble. They performed tranquil and peaceful songs like “Overture of Spring Festival” and “Blooming Flowers and Full Moon.” Members of the ensemble were dressed in beautiful traditional costumes, and they playing the guzheng, pipa and other various string and woodwind instruments.

Twelve more performances followed featuring traditional songs and dances. Every performance had the audience mesmerized.

Mohammed York of CSU, effortlessly lifts a fellow dancer in the performance of "Song of Yangtze River" Photo credit: Sarah Ehrlich

Students of the CSU Dance, Music and Theater Department put on quite an impressive feat of choreography while three male singers Zheng Maoping, Liu Chunping and Peng Zhaoxiong performed “Song of Yangzte River” and “Cloud of Hometown.” These songs captured the feeling of missing home.

Xue Yudan and Chen Yukun sing "Ballet in Spring" as dancers in intricate costumes help with the beauty of the performance. Photo credit: Sarah Ehrlich

One of the last performances was a female duet titled “Ballet in Spring” sang by Xue Yudan and Chen Yukun. Dancers dressed in pink costumes twirled around them. It was truly an empowering and strong performance given by talented women.

The celebration was refreshing, and it brought the audience a new appreciation for a beautiful culture.