A comprehensive guide to relieving stress during finals week

Here’s to stressing, de-stressing and stressing again: cheers to dead week.




Cry some more, it can not hurt can it? That was rhetorical and the answer is yes, it can.


Take a much deserved nap, you only have a million other things to do, but this is priority number one.

Play on your phone

Take a social media break, why use those extra ten minutes to study when you can be stalking other people’s perfect lives? Now ask yourself how is it fair that they have it so good?


Clean your room, clean your house, clean your car, this may seem like avoidance, however, you know that you cannot study with a mess.

Frantically search for notes

Tear up your backpack and your room and your house looking for that one page of notes you need with that one little sentence on it that you will never ever need to know in the real world.


Clean again

You just destroyed your house, clean it all over again.

Watch Netflix

Turn to Netflix, it misses you and does not see you enough.


Have a drink, you need one.

Drink again

Have another.

Then drink again

Maybe one more.


Calculate what you need to get on the final to pass, this is more important than studying anyway.

Eat ice cream

Go on an ice cream break, after all, ice cream fixes everything.

Ponder life

Think about your future, now cry again.


Have a mental breakdown, it has only been about an hour since your last one, but oh well.


Crack up over something that really is not even funny with your friends, this may lead to more crying when you all realize that you have lost it.

Drink coffee

Realize this is what pure exhaustion feels like, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and another.

Drink an energy drink

Open up that new energy drink, your hands may start shaking soon.

Become sick

Buy some more tissues, some for the tears and some for the fact that everyone is sick and it is spreading like wildfire all over campus.

Get advice from Mom

Call your mom. Moms fix everything, just like ice cream.

Look to Kanye

Ask yourself, what would Kanye do? Now do not do it.

Remember you are in college for the experiences as well as the education. Try your hardest, then go out with your friends and celebrate, pass or fail, and you may just beat your record for the biggest hangover of your life the next day, but hey it is college.