Local band HoldFast. climbing up the music mountain

Local band HoldFast. has been making it’s way through the Fort Collins music community after releasing their debut single earlier this week. This alternative rock band rose to popularity this past summer after performing at the music festival FoCo MX. They’ve booked shows at the Downtown Artery, Syntax Distillery and Nixon’s Rocky Mountain Smokehouse over the past few months.

The members, Tommy, Charlie and Mikey Maddocks formed the band in 2011 after Charlie received a drum set for his birthday. While Charlie may have been the recipient of the drums, Tommy took kindly to drumming while Charlie preferred the guitar.


“Within ten to fifteen minutes, I was playing drum set,” Tommy Maddocks said.

They encouraged Mikey to learn the bass, and the rock trio began.

HoldFast. is a family-based band based out of Windsor, Colorado. Living close and growing up together has helped the band to create a unique sound of their own.

Music is in the boys genetics; their uncles and aunt were in a local folk rock band called Paean. They played regularly in Fort Collins and were even one of the first bands to play at FoCo MX.

“They are the reason we enjoyed music in the first place,” Charlie Maddocks said.

However, HoldFast. stands alone as a band rather than in the shadow of their predecessors.

The band members may be young, but that hasn’t stopped them from making headway in the Fort Collins music industry.

HoldFast. has been busy this summer but not just with live performances. They’ve also started recording songs at the Artery’s recording studio, Hope and Arrows. The band hopes to release a three song EP later this year. Their first song to be recorded and distributed, “Because of You,” reflects the band’s personality and novelty of their music. It was released on Tuesday, Oct. 4, along with a lyric video created from a drawing by Charlie Maddocks.

They didn’t spend much time recording at Hope and Arrows, but it struck a cord with the group.

“These guys were a blast to work with, even if it was only for two days,” Charlie Maddocks said. “It was so fun recording with them.”


Their debut song, “Because of You,” is about bullying and is based on experiences Charlie Maddocks witnessed throughout middle school. The song is one they have been revising and reworking into something that “other people can sing along with,” according to Charlie Maddocks.

It reflects the everyday challenges many people face, including insecurities, tormenting and gaining acceptance from peers. The loud, honest rock style of the song reflects the bands character and is sure to drum up attention.

Each song HoldFast. performs is an original written by the group. Charlie tends to write the lyrics, and then the band jams until solidifying it into a song. They have a total of 20 original songs that they rotate through when playing live.

While they have many original songs, they also enjoy playing covers.

“Our favorite song to cover has been “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles,” Charlie Maddocks said.

“Because of You” can be found on Soundcloud and will be available on all other major music platforms.

HoldFast. will be playing an all-ages set at the Surfside 7 bar on Oct. 16 with other local band Places Back Home.