Where to get the best pumpkin spice latte in Fort Collins

It is officially fall when local and national coffee shops bring in the resources to craft a perfect pumpkin spice latte. From national coffee chains to more residential coffee shops, one ingredient is able to bring in the fall season and allow people to enjoy a festive favorite in Fort Collins. Here are the five best pumpkin lattes in town:

5. Mugs


261 S College Ave

Across the street from CSU’s campus lies a local gem that has served many people since it first opening in 2002. And just like other coffee shops, Mugs is joining the trend of the pumpkin spice latte. This one, however, was full of mainly foam and had very light, if any pumpkin taste, making it fifth on the list.

4. Alley Cat Café

120 W Laurel St.

Another Fort Collins favorite The Alley Cat comes in fourth for the most admirable attempt at the perfect pumpkin spice latte. The coffee itself had a bitter consistency, and unlike Mugs, had more of a subtle mixed pumpkin flavor. While the coffee may have been overwhelming, it was equal to the pumpkin taste mixed in, creating a noticeably smooth flavor.

3. The Crooked Cup

147 W Oak St

The Crooked Cup’s pumpkin spice latte was surprisingly good with more of an obvious flourish of the seasonal flavor. However, it almost had too much of an overwhelming pumpkin taste. While The Crooked Cup may be nestled in Old Town and not at the center of attention for the well-known craze, their pumpkin spice latte is still something to brag about.

2. Starbucks

Any five-block radius of campus


The world famous pumpkin spice latte found its popular beginnings here and understandably so with the most dynamic and silky sweet cinnamon pumpkin flavor incorporated all in one drink. This seasonal favorite, produced by the mass coffee chain, has become one of the original indications that fall has begun, and Starbucks proves why with their classic latte taste.

1. The Human Bean

821 N. College Ave

After trying enough pumpkin spice lattes to run around campus at least fifty times, The Human Bean crushes the competition with the most famously festively flavored favorite of the year. What is particularly unique is the amount of mixed flavors combined with just pumpkin. For example, their Leftover Latte includes white chocolate and pumpkin, resulting in a twist that pays off.