CSU Striders provides all students with the chance to run

Megan Hanner

Every weekday at 4:15 p.m. a group of students gathers together at the Rec Center to run. Some run for stress relief, others for exercise and even more to find fellow students who enjoy the outdoors.

The CSU Striders is a new running club that started last semester. According to the CSU Striders website, its mission is to “foster the spirit of social and competitive running at CSU and to provide a team environment that enhances the social and physical well-being of its participants.”


The CSU striders pose outside of the CSU Rec center. (Photo courtesy: Megan Hanner)
The CSU striders Kyle Schroeder, Chris Retzlaff, Bruce Darcy, Patrick Niemer, Brian Breitsch, Seth Woodring, Zoe Jennings, Liam and Nick Phelps pose outside of the CSU Rec center. (Photo courtesy: Megan Hanner)

According to Brian Breitsch, an original member of the CSU Striders, Colorado State has had past attempts to start running groups. However, the Striders are the first organized running club. Breitsch was the first to start advertising the club last semester.

“I was sort of sick of running alone, so last semester and this semester I just put up some chalk signs,” Breitsch said.

It was hard at first to get the group going but the group started to grow with time and more chalk signs around campus, Breitsch said. The group now consists of a group of guys, and another group of girls. Some members are training for the Colorado Marathon on May 1

The group runs a mile in any direction to trails, Breitsch said.

“To the south is Spring Creek and Mason Trails. To the north and the east there’s the Poudre Trail, and so we’ll run pretty significant distances along those trails,” Breitsch said.

Nick Phelps, club member, said he in the Striders for a couple of reasons. He said it is a good way to stay in shape, but is also an escape from stress and homework. It provides him with the chance to get outside with people who share his passion. 

“Socially, I have friends through here, so that’s nice,” Phelps said.

Seth Woodring, Strider member, said that he was looking for others that he could rely on to run with. The members all rely on the others to show up and run. Woodring also is looking to take his running to the next level. 

“Leaving high school I was pretty into it, and now I still really want to continue,” Woodring said. 

People who aren’t in the club may be intimidated, but the club is always looking for anyone to show up and join. The group is better the bigger it is, Woodring said.


“The goal is to have a bunch of different groups. Like, maybe a more intense group that’s running to train for a marathon, or like, people who are just looking to get in shape,” Woodring said.

To join the club, anyone can show up at the entrance to the Rec Center at 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday. The group meets inside the Rec Center if the weather is bad. For more information, visit the CSU Striders website or join their Facebook group.

Collegian Reporter Megan Hanner can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.