Before I turn 30: 15 people share their dreams

Gabriel Go

1. “Before 30? Get married.”

– Joel Huskerson, sophomore in agricultural education


2. “One thing I really want to do is travel… help out needy people in another country”

– Jacob Walter, sophomore in agricultural education 

3. “My answer would be to create more of a sense of community anywhere, like in school.”

-Marion Steiblen: Freshman in equine sciences

4. “I hope to find a deeper awareness of who I am, my purpose in life, a deeper connection with the God that I know and love, and liberation in all sense”

– Tizita Tadesse, senior in communications

5. “I definitely wanna go live in the south of France in Antibes. I wanna go broker yachts down there; I’ve actually talked to people about it.”

– Landon Scheffe,  freshman in business entrepreneurship

6. “I want to move to Japan. I really want to go down there and collect cars.”

-David Calvin, freshman in hybrid engineering


7. “I would love to see a revival here at CSU. You know what revival means? It means people turning their hearts back to God.” 

– Brent Keizer, CSU Alumna, age 27

8. “(I would like) to drown the world in love with God.”

-Babhru Das, A Hare Krishna member, age 24 

9. “I would like to see the world as a whole get behind renewable energy.”

-Patrick Carlson, senior in physics

10. “I would like to be a ski bum for a season, probably next year,”

– Jared Alvin, senior in physics

11. “I would wanna see a larger unified effort towards material poverty alleviation and reform in mental healthcare.”

-Mason Weiss, senior in theatre

12. “If I could see one thing in the world happening, I’d like to see the progression of clean drinking water around the world.”

– Prescott Delaware, senior in geology

13. “I’d like to go to Coachella.” 

– Julia Morley, freshman in international studies

14. “Go to Greece. I’m obsessed with ‘Mamma Mia.'”

-Isabelle Booth, freshman in health and exercise science

15. “I’d like to see a president in office who puts more emphasis on environmental regulations.”

-Jordan Becker, freshman in communications

Collegian A&C and news reporter Gabriel Go can be reached at or on Twitter at @jackal893.