Five intramural sports Colorado State should offer

Clarissa Davies and Zara DeGroot

From soccer to field hockey, Colorado State University offers a multitude of intramural sports for students to partake in. These sports teams provide CSU’s athletic individuals the opportunity to break into a sweat and at the same time exercise a healthy sense of competition. Though these traditional sports remain popular, there are a few fresh activities that would add to Colorado State’s intramural sport repertoire, and ultimately get more students involved.

Standing meditation


Who says in order to play sports you have to run and sweat? Standing meditation—similar to yoga—would offer students a low-impact opportunity to unwind and de-stress. But we cannot forget to exercise the legs. Tap into those muscles by meditating standing up. Strike a pose, calm your mind and feel the burn.

Equestrian dressage

This one is for the horse lovers. Dressage, which is the French word for “training,” focuses on the horse and rider’s performance of memorized movements. So, basically, horse dancing.

Treadmill racing

Are you a fan of the treadmill or other stationary running machines? Spice up your mundane workout routine by using the treadmill to race. Who can cover more miles in the shortest amount of time?

Power walking


Do you ever find yourself crying at the thought of running? Or perhaps you can run, but end up dizzy and nauseous? Power walking offers the same type of cardio exercise that running does, but with far less joint pain and crying. Get your heart rate up by a quick move of your feet. After all, your legs are the best vehicle.

Cheese rolling

Take your love for dairy to a new level. This sport, which is popular in Canada and the U.K., is simple: a large wheel of cheese is rolled down a hill. Participants chase after it, and whoever gets to the bottom first wins the cheese. Now talk about a good incentive for running.

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