Finals: A study guide for Colorado State

Mikaela Antonelli


Finals are just around the corner. If you aren’t already freaking out, you probably will be soon. To help relieve the stress, here is a study guide to help you get through finals.


Where to study

Devyn Torres studies in the Behavioral Sciences Building Tuesday afternoon. Students across campus are gearing up for Thanksgiving Break as it slowly creeps closer.
Devyn Torres studies in the Behavioral Sciences Building Tuesday afternoon.

Behavioral Sciences Building: The large windows, copious amounts of comfy chairs and calming quiet make it perfect for studying. It also helps that there is a coffee shop on the first floor.

Your Room: Study at your desk so you are comfortable in your environment, and you don’t have to go too far.

Study Cube: The windows make for a lot of opportunity for distractions, but many people flock to the main library, so prime seating is easy to find.

The Lounge Next to the Ramskeller: This place was built for studying. There are a lot of comfy chairs with small desks built into the sides to study in style. Plus, you can now drink right outside of the Skeller to escape some of the noise.

 How your classmates study:

“I reread all my notes and class lecture notes as a mad dash at the last minute, which isn’t healthy, but it works for me.” -Tyler Blair, junior English Major

“I look over all my notes two days before and then a night before and then the day of. I always try to reflect on the little things the professor pressed in class too.” -Samantha Purdy, senior Dance Major

“Cramming and Staying up late.” -PJ Ricketson, senior Psychology Major

“I like to study in my room while listening to music, mostly calming music like acoustic.” -Cassidy Ritter, undeclared freshman

Best Study Snacks

Gummy candy
Gummy candy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tea: Tea can help you calm down and focus on whatever you are studying.


Candy: Sour Patch Kids, Gummy Worms, M&Ms — small candy that is easy to snack on.

Chips: When you are stressed junk food is the best. Grab a small bag of chips to help curb that craving.

Healthy Treats: Junk food will only get you so far. Snack size fruits and veggies like carrots, grapes, cut up celery or apples will help fuel your study session.

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