Fall Out Boy, Anyone?

Fall out boy, anyone?

As a long-time fan, from early albums such as ‘Take This to Your Your Grave‘ and ‘Evening Out With Your Girlfriend‘ I’ve been one of those bitter kids who has turned away from the band now that they have become more popular….or were more popular.


Fall Out Boy's Evening Out with Your Girlfriend
Fall Out Boy’s Evening Out with Your Girlfriend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you follow their music at all, you might know that they haven’t created a new album in about 5 years, according to an article on the HuffingtonPost.com.

Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy (Photo credit: trashpaintedgold)

Yes, the last album that they released prior to their newest monstrosity was ‘Believers Never Die- Greatest Hits,’ which released in 2009. Although I had already stopped listening by the time ‘Infinity On High‘ hit the shelves and it severely disappointed a seventh-grade-scene-kid version of myself.

ANYWAY, apparently the band is at it again with their newest album titled, ‘Pax Am Days.’ Not really sure what’s going on there at all, but it seems like they’ve kept the same obscure album titles throughout their ‘fame’ thus far. At least.

But their new album is NOT why FOB has made it back on my radar. I actually was just minding my own business on Youtube the other night and happened to stumble upon chaos!

It would appear that Fall Out Boy has decided to make some strange attempt at making a song with rap artist Big Sean. This whole idea didn’t  shock me so much just because Jay-Z introduced the last album of theirs that I happened upon, (Infinity on High), but then I listened and watched chaos unfold before my eyes.

English: Big Sean during a photoshoot wearing ...
English: Big Sean during a photoshoot wearing a jean jacket. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The music video was titled ‘The Mighty Fall‘ and, like I mentioned earlier, featured Big Sean. But this collaboration wasn’t the only frightening thing about the music video.

Apparently according to antimusic.com, the “horror story picks up where the video for “Alone Together” left off, with the band’s tormentors leaving them in a forest clearing.” That’s all good and well and kind of sounds pretty edgy and Fall Out Boy-esque. BUT THEN all hell breaks loose when the members of FOB are beating up by a gang of what looks like punk/scene/hardcore preteens. I’m not entirely sure what the message is, but personally I feel like the younger version of myself would want to beat them up for what their music is now, too.

Nonetheless, Big Sean pops out from shrubbery in the video, and is eventually killed just before he can rap a few verses that totally change the tone of the song, from bad to worse.

If this is what is to come for skinny Patrick Stump with hair, Pete Wentz the daddy, and the rest of the gang from Chicago, I plan to be underwhelmed for the rest of what they would consider their ‘music career.’