Get Back to School with Bad Movie Nite at the Lyric

Have you ever wished that you could be a part of the cult-hit Mystery Science Theater 3000? If so, head to The Lyric Cinema Cafe’s Bad Movie Nite Saturday, Sept. 7 at 11 p.m. to witness B-movie hilarity and shout at the silver screen.

This weekend, Bad Movie Nite, which has taken place at The Lyric since November 2012, will show two 45 minute terrible and cheesy flicks with on-text commentary.


The text, rather than jokes dubbed over, is one aspect that sets it apart from Mystery Science Theater 3000. “What also makes it different is that first part is a clip show of stupid commercials and other nonsense videos,” Michael Putlack said.

Rather than outright name the bad flicks and spoil the fun, The Lyric announces hints on their Facebook page. The hints for this weekend’s double feature are “Nerdy teen science experiment goes awry,” and “Die hard high school USA!”

Bad Movie Nite made its debut eight years ago by Ohio State University graduate Scott Hammond. “I’ve always been interested in B-movies,” Hammond said. “I grew up watching shows like ‘USA Up All Night’ and ‘Night Flight.’” “USA Up All Night” showed B-movies with bumpers hosted by Gilbert Gottfried while “Night Flight” inserted their own music videos and other clips.

“It was a hodgepodge of crazy stuff and you didn’t know what you were going to get,” Hammond said.

Inspired by those shows, Hammond decided to make his own weekly B-movie clip feature hosted in his friend’s basement. Eventually, about 30 people a week would show up and Hammond decided to expand. Just down the street was the perfect location, Studio 35, a one-screen cinema and drafthouse that has been open since 1937.

The screening was a success and soon became a monthly event. “People enjoyed being immersed in this world of absolute craziness,” Hammond said.

Bad Movie Nite has since expanded to six other locations, from Pittsburg, Penn. to Seattle, Wash.

“The Lyric is one of my favorite places,” Hammond said. “It isn’t about the money for me; I just wanted to find cool places that will attract an audience interested in events like these.”

Be sure to come early for the best seats in the house. “The event is pretty big,” Putlack said. “We’re showing it in both theaters. What’s neat is that this a rare event that brings all ages. We get a decent crowd of high-schoolers, college kids and even middle aged people in the audience.”

“It’s more interactive because we encourage heckling. It’s a great time to drink beer and laugh with others.”


Bad Movie Nite screens the first Saturday of every month at 11 p.m. Tickets are $5.

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