Limited Macklemore tickets disappoint some, bring out fighting spirit in others

The Macklemore concert at the CSU intramural fields is completely sold out, and has been all summer.

While a handful of students were able to purchase tickets in time, many were not so lucky; the Rams Facebook page and are covered with the desperate pleas of students still searching for a ticket, and the powerful demands of those students willing to sell.


“They ran out of tickets too quickly so I won’t be able to go,” said a deflated Jack Krause, a sophomore journalism and technical communications major. “I don’t see how they can sell out of tickets if the venue is still a half empty field.”

While some students accepted their rotten luck, others bargained and haggled and pleaded online.

CSU sophomore Alex Davis got her ticket in time, but is handing it over to someone less fortunate after some personal matters intervened.

“One, I can’t get out of work, and two, my boyfriend is coming to visit that weekend,” Davis said. “I really did want to go though.”

Davis claimed to have seen some tickets still floating around on Internet, even with the concert so imminent.

“If I had to, I would buy someone else’s tickets too,” Davis said in regards to the students still searching. “I think people might still have a good chance.”

However, if anyone is lucky, it is Ariana Moore who not only received a free ticket, but will also be provided dinner and a concert t-shirt.

Moore scored this deal by volunteering with ASAP (Association of Student Activity Programming) to be a part of the clean-up crew after the concert.

“I’m definitely excited I get to go and I get to help out too,” Moore said. “It was definitely a viable option, especially if you want to get involved with ASAP. You make contacts and know a way to possibly volunteer for future events.”

Emotions are high on campus, be it disappointment from not getting a ticket or ecstasy from scoring one at the last minute.


Either way, with the concert happening this weekend, Macklemore seems to be the name on everybody’s lips.

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