New engineering building leaves room for improvement

The College of Engineering is huge, and grows larger every year, with desperate need for some additional space. Luckily, CSU has been building a new $65 million facility for engineering majors full of high-tech educational equipment that will also serve as a 24-hour study space for all students.

The Scott Building is supposed to be complete in time for the fall semester, but with only 88 percent of the funding acquired so far it appears the facility will remain unfinished until funds can be raised for completion, putting the projected completion date in jeopardy.


From the start, the building was never fully funded. It was anticipated that the rest of the private donations required to complete the project would be gathered along the way.

The amount of effort CSU expends to secure private donations to build outstanding facilities on campus is commendable.

However, it is a little troubling that the administration has not yet been able to actually meet the funding requirements of their ambitious on-campus construction project.

If the Scott Building doesn’t reach its private funding goals, the unfinished space will sit idle while still being heated and cooled to prevent damages to the piping system, a true waste for a university that prides itself on its green initiatives.

Regardless of the fate of the new engineering building, this construction project is a great learning opportunity for everybody from the administration, to donors and to engineering students themselves.

We may not have a complete Scott Building, but at least they left room for improvement.