Will Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes still hang in Telluride, Colorado after the divorce?

English: Cropped image of Tom Cruise and Katie...
English: Cropped image of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Photo taken at the White House Correspondents Dinner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The divorce filing to dissolve Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s marriage is old news. But, as someone who lives in Colorado, it’s difficult not to feel some small, insignificant and opportunistic attachment to the divorce’s outcome. That’s because Cruise and Holmes own a (most likely palatial) home in Telluride, Colo.

Most people I know have a story in which they or their friends saw Cruise or Katie in the small ski town at some point. Sometimes the couple was spotted dining or shopping, sometimes it’s little more than a chance sighting from the passenger seat of a car. It would be sad for these stories to dry up and become historically insignificant Colorado artifacts simply because the couple has split.


So what does the future look like for voyeuristic Cruise and Holmes sightings in the small mountain town?

According to a 2006 post from Jeannette Walls atMSNBC, Holmes could walk away with ownership of the couple’s home in Montecito, Calif. as a result of the split. There’s no mention of the Telluride pad, though, so there’s a chance that Cruise will continue to hobnob around the mountain town for winters to come.


Here’s a link to pics from a couple years back of Cruise talking to Oprah inside the comfort of his Telluride home. They’re sitting on his sofa. And no, Oprah did not jump all over his sofa like he did hers.