What we learned from the CU bear spray incident

"Very important to keep bear sprays outsi...

What to do when someone steals one of your fraternity letters? In true Animal House fashion, spray them with bear repellant, of course.


Two CU students were arrested in Boulder in conjunction with two separate incidents where they allegedly launched bear spray into a home and separate fraternity party.

The pair supposedly tracked their stolen fraternity letter to a private residence, then without warning unloaded through the door with bear spray. One woman was watching tv on the couch and immediately ran into the bathroom to call 911.

Then they hopped on a scooter and rolled over to a nearby fraternity house in an attempt to douse the area in bear spray. After firing a cloud of spray in the air, police say the wind shifted and hit the pair on the scooter instead.


The two men were overcome and crashed their scooter, according to police.

Both men admitted to drinking alcohol before either of the incidents occurred.

One was arrested on second degree felony assault charges while the other was arrested for DUI (for driving the scooter drunk) and accessory to felonies.

Now what did we learn?

  1. CU students clearly have a fear of bears if they’re carrying repellant around and feel confident enough to use it in a prank situation, as one would use a whoopie cushion or water balloons. I mean really, one bear falls out of a tree  and suddenly everyone locks and loads.
  2. Mixing alcohol and a lack of fireworks on Fourth of July is a bad idea. Clearly they wanted to see stuff explode, and the lack of testosterone spike from the fireworks caused them to release that in a far less safe manner.
  3. Finally, be respectful of your neighbors. Drinking or not, bear repellant is nasty stuff that could cause serious medical issues if used improperly. Think about what you’re doing before you pick up any dangerous chemicals, especially if you’ve had one too many.