Tweeps moving to Canada: 3 Countries that don’t have universal healthcare

Map indicating locations of Canada and Democra...
Map indicating locations of Canada and Democratic Republic of the Congo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a reaction to the supreme court upholding the affordable healthcare act, late last week, many tweeps (or twitter users) announced via twitter that they plan to move to Canada. Visit for the highlights of those frustrated tweeps. The bad news is that Canada’s system is mainly publicly funded and would probably not satisfy the disgruntled tweeps.

In searching for possible alternatives, it must be noted that there were no countries which had only privatized healthcare. However there are a few countries left which might be viewed as acceptable alternatives on technicalities.


Haiti, while there my be a universal healthcare system in theory, the natural disasters that have been suffered in that region have strained resources available, to that quality healthcare cannot be provided by the state at this time.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, in an option for similar reasons. Though the government does provide healthcare centers they are so poorly staffed that getting quality care would be extremely difficult.

Argentina is also an option for irritated Americans. Though there are three sections of healthcare available, the public system is highly decentralized and 38% of Argentineans have chosen to stay uninsured.