ESPN’s live coverage of Denver Broncos training camp all because of Peyton Manning

Denver Broncos

It seems like any time you turn on Sportscenter in the past two days, they’re hyping up the fact that they’re live from Englewood at the Broncos training camp.


The Broncos opened camp Thursday  with a full team of anchors and reporters in tow, including former Bronco Tom Jackson.

ESPN reported that 4,371 fans attended the first practice of training camp, the largest ever non-stadium crowd in Broncos history.

The Broncos should be used to this media attention after everything that happened with Tim Tebow last season, but Tebow never got them pretty much constant access on ESPN.

This is all because of Peyton Manning. Manning gives the Broncos an air of legitimacy and respectability in the air of national media.

Without Manning, the Broncos would be an average team with a medium shot to make the playoffs based on their defense and a strong running game.

With him, they are clearly the best team in the AFC West and if they gel correctly, a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

While it’s understandable that the national media would want to cover Peyton Manning, as a Broncos fan it should be a little upsetting to think that the team did not warrant this attention beforehand.

Denver and all of Colorado loves the Broncos, if love is even a strong enough word. Seeing their team live on Sportscenter is great, but they should want to see them because of great plays, not their star free agent acquisition.