Enjoy a Fire Free Summer

Glow in the dark bubbles

With the High Park Fire raging, we can all be pretty certain that fire bans will be strict this summer. This means tragedy for, campfire s’more connoisseurs, Firework enthusiasts, and pyromaniacs state-wide. Though I cannot bring back campfires and fireworks to your summer. Here are some fun alternatives that might distract you long enough to forget.


Glow in the dark bubbles might be the answer to your summer, sans fireworks. If you are missing something glowing in the dark, try buying some glow in the dark bubbles. According to a blogger called kriegsman, for a few dollars the thrill is worth it.

If you still feel wanting in the dessert area, try glow in the dark cotton candy. By inserting a glow stick in the base of a cotton candy stick, you can make your summer night sweet and exciting.

If you still aren’t satisfied and you just plain miss seeing fire, try downloading the Gaze HD iphone app, which projects a fireplace on your phone. Or the firework iphone app which will allow you to make a fire work show on your iphone, which you can control with flicks of your finger.