Road 34’s Bikes Trails and Ales

Mike Berg


Everyone knows that a good ride deserves a refreshing beverage after. Here’s a couple of our favorite trails and a beer to match…


Maxwell: Just like a lager, Maxwell is our to to trail. Located only a mile or so from us, we can ride it hundreds of times and still enjoy it to the last drop.

Mill Creek: Mill Creek is found at the upper reaches of Horse Tooth Mountain Park. The start can be a little rough just like the first sip of an IPA, but by the time you’re done you’ll want to ride it until you can’t stand.

Towers Road: Just like a sour ale, Towers is a great start to your day. Being the major climb in Horse Tooth,it takes you to the fun stuff but it’s going to leave you puckering by the end.

Ginny Trail: You’ll find Ginny trail out in Bobcat Natural area near Masonville. As one of the most rugged trails in Northern Colorado, it leaves you bitter and buzzed by the time you finish -just like an imperial IPA!

Blue Sky: Just like a wheat ale Blue Sky Trail is a great way to get introduced to mountain biking. It has a perfect flow and is oh-so-smooth.

Dadd Gulch: Found in the upper reaches of the Poudre Canyon, Dadd Gulch rides a lot like a stout. Its starting elevation and 3.5 miles of climbing will put you in a dark place, but when you hit the top and flip it upside down you’ll be hooting and hollering while you hit every jump all the way to the bottom.

If you want to learn about more great nearby trails and enjoy a cold beer, stop by Road 34 located at 1213 W Elizabeth St, Fort Collins, CO 80521 today.