Looking for Adventurous Valentine’s Date Trips?

Mike Berg


By Michael Berg


If you like the Colorado outdoors and need ideas for a Valentine’s Day date, well you’re in luck! We at RamPage have compiled a list of top adventures around NoCo that are guaranteed to impress anyone with an outdoorsy spirit. Below are recommended beginner, moderate, and advanced trips.

Horsetooth Rock (Michael Berg | MBPhotography)

1) Beginner (Half Day – Relatively Easy – Good Views – Relatively Safe)

  • Horsetooth Falls or Horsetooth Rock: This Fort Collins classic never fails to disappoint. Sunrise and sunset hikes are highly recommended. (15 min. drive)
  • Arthur’s Rock: This is a similar hike to Horsetooth Rock, which is also dog friendly. (30 min. drive)
  • Drive the Poudre Canyon: This historic canyon is dubbed one of the most beautiful canyons in the region. (30-90 min. drive one way)
  • Explore Estes Park, CO: Visiting Estes Park is a must when living in Colorado and the surrounding states. Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) is in its backyard and the old town is full of unique shops. (1 hr. drive)


Historic Steamboat Barn (Michael Berg | MBPhotography)

2) Moderate (Half Day/Full Day/Multi Day – Medium Skill – Great Views)

  • Greyrock Trail: Greyrock is found just up the Poudre Canyon, and offers a rewarding workout to the top of Greyrock. (45 min. drive)
  • Snowshoe Emerald Lake in RMNP: One of the most popular trails in RMNP, you park at the Bear Lake trailhead and ascend a fairly easy hike which offers some of the best mountain views in the state. (2 hr. drive)
  • Travel to Lyons, CO: If you are looking for a nice drive through the mountains, and a characteristic small town, Lyons is a great option. There is plenty to do around Lyons, and is relatively close to RMNP. (1 hr. drive)
  • Explore Steamboat, CO: Arguably one of the best all-around ski towns in Colorado, you will find plenty to do in and around Steamboat in the winter. Hot springs, amazing powder skiing, beautiful snowshoeing, and world class snowmobiling are a few activities that will await you here. (3 hrs. drive)


Maroon Bells in Aspen, CO (Michael Berg | MBPhotography)

3) Advanced (Full Day/Multi Day – Higher Skill – Best Views)

  • Snowshoe/Backpack American Lakes Trail: This trail offers some of the best views in Colorado bar none. If you are an experienced outdoorsman, I would highly recommend this trail. (1 hr. drive)
  • Snowshoe/Backpack RMNP: RMNP is the most visited National Park in the United States for a reason. This is a must if you are looking to get the most out of your adventures in NoCo.
  • Explore Crested Butte, CO: If you are willing to drive about 5 hrs. one way and spend the night, Crested Butte offers a very quint and unique ski town atmosphere. This town should be on your bucket list while in CO.
  • Travel to Aspen, CO: Also about a 5 hr drive away from CSU lies the infamous town of Aspen. If you have some extra cash saved up that you feel like spending, this is the place do so.


Please do proper research before heading out on your next adventure in order to stay safe and enjoy your trip. I would personally recommend using the All-Trails App or Google. As always, practice “Leave No Trace” when visiting the outdoors. Have a blast!