The Modern Era of Boarding

Mike Berg

Photo Courtesy of Never Summer Snowboards


By Michael Berg (RamPage Co-Founder/Lead Editor)


Being a Colorado native, you are asked whether you snowboard or ski. If you reply with neither, well that naturally raises some questions and eyebrows alike.

Past Decade of Snowboarding:

I was lucky to be raised on skis around age five, then transitioned to snowboarding at age twelve. I simply couldn’t resist the urge to be as cool as my brothers, who were shredding up the slopes on one plank of wood instead of two. The “snowboarding counter-culture” was too much for me to pass up, and skiing was for old people anyway, right? I truly thought if you weren’t joining the growing snowboard phase, you were old-fashioned. Quickly realizing that there were rebellious, young and gnarly skiers too, my respect for skiers started growing towards my current full appreciation.

Photo Courtesy of Never Summer Snowboards

The past ten years can arguably be considered the most progressive era in snowboarding ever. Here are a few notable USA snowboarding highlights that occured in the past decade:

  • Shaun White now has the most X-Game gold medals, captured two winter olympic gold medals, and helped progress the sport into heights never seen before.
  • Gretchen Bleiler and Hannah Teter have pushed womens boarding to the top headlines in USA Olympic news, all while inspiring women around the world to give the sport a try.
  • Jeremy Jones and Teton Gravity Research continued pushing the limits of backcountry snowboarding and skiing beyond boundaries that no one ever imagined in their wildest dreams.
  • New technology has made the sport more safe and enjoyable, granting way to easier accessibility.


Helpful Tips for Beginners:

If you did not grow up boarding or skiing, I would highly recommend giving it an “educated try.” By that, I mean do your homework first and ask the right people for advice. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

  • Proper gear/knowledge should be researched and utilized at all times
  • Lessons can only help, especially when learning at a young age
  • Go with trustworthy friends that know your skill level
  • Carpool or take the SkiSU to save on gas
  • Ballin on a Budget? Consider browsing online for a lift ticket or ask a friend for a buddy pass from their season pass. Also, bring your own lunch and beverages.
  • Rollin in the Cash? All Colorado ski resorts have their own charm, make sure to research what makes your choice resort so unique and explore. Resort towns here boast some of the worlds finest cuisine, lodging, hospitality, in-boundary skiing, snowcat tours, heli-skiing, and backcountry opportunities.
Braeden Gilmore drops a clif while snowboarding at Crested Butte, Colorado. (Jack Starebaum | Collegian)

Most importantly, enjoy your amazing Colorado terrain no matter the season, but do it responsibly!

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