CSU Snowriders

Mike Berg


By: Michael Berg


Are you interested in finding a group of like minded snowboarders here at CSU? Look no further, this wild group of snow hounds prefers one plank of wood attached to their feet not two, and are sure to be seen having a good time regardless of the conditions. Google “CSU Snowriders” to find out more info.  Here are a few snippets from their website:

“Snowriders is THE club at CSU that caters to those who love to ski and ride. We offer socials, BBQs, movie premiers, ski trips to Crested Butte and A-Basin, and annual trips to Jackson Hole (God bless the hole). If you want to get involved with a group of people who share an unspeakable love for riding the mountain, dressin’ up like a bunch of jerrys, carrying on traditions, and meeting the best people on the CSU campus, then the CSU Snowriders are your club.

In order to get involved come and chat with us. We have office hours every week in the downstairs LSC. It’s called the student org office, but a lot of us have never even heard of that place before. Well young padawon here’s what you gotta do: go downstairs in the LSC and find the skeller, once at the skeller continue directly east toward the door that takes you into the student org office. Say hello to the fine young man or woman at the front desk and continue on past the pac man machine; your destination will be on your right.”

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