Weekly IM Updates

Mike Berg


By:  Kyle Loughlin 



  • Registration has just begun for the Online Fantasy Sports Bowl Game Pick ‘Em, and for the Table Tennis Tournament. Registration for both activities will end December 3rd at 11:00pm.
  • Stay updated on all all information regarding scores and standings as we enter playoff season!


Men’s 3v3 Basketball


  • If you are looking for a teammate, stay posted on the IM Men’s basketball page for free agents.


Women’s 3v3 Basketball

  • Notable: Cash Money Records remains the best team in the league at an undefeated 4-0

Coed 4v4 Soccer

  • Notable: Joseph Maxie scores 6 goals in a 12-7 blowout against the Ballnappers. The Ballhandlerz are now 2-2 after that victory.

Men’s 4v4 Soccer

  • Notable: Dream Team destroys the Fat Four in the Tuesday 9:45 division in a 17-1 blowout. Dream Team remain without a loss at 4-0.

Women’s 4v4 Soccer

  • Notable: You’ve Cat to be Kitten Me is the highest scoring team in the league with an astounding 19.33 goals per game.

Fall Bowling Tournament


  • Notable: Congratulations to Bowl So Hard for coming in first place in Bowling tournament at Chipp Lane’s on the 16th.

Coed Dodgeball

  • Notable: “*dodges ball” and “Doggy Style” earn an automatic bye going into the playoffs because of their outstanding records in the regular season.

Men’s Dodgeball

  • Notable: The “Wrench Dodgers” will face “Half-Saturnese Afro-Ducks” at 6:30 to begin the playoffs.

Coed Tube Water Polo

  • Notable: Two 500 teams “Hurricane Lems” and “Splash Drip Drip Splash” will face on Wednesday. Both teams needing a victory to advance in the playoffs.

Funny Names

  • Robben You Blind — Coed Soccer
  • Everything But Net — Men’s Basketball
  • We Dodge Balls — Men’s Dodgeball

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