Lucky 27 Intramurals and Sport Club Update

Mike Berg


Sport Clubs


Climbing: Nationals Competition in Houston, TX this Friday and Saturday, CSU sending 37 competitors!

Ultimate Frisbee: Men’s Ultimate A and B both made regionals!

Baseball: Next home games: April 28-29th vs. University Colorado at City Park Field

Crew: Lake Shawnee Spring Classic in Topeka, KS on Saturday, April 28th


IM Sports

*The following sign-up dates are the final sports listed for the year*

Softball: Sign-Up April 16th-22nd | Event Days April 27th-29th

Spikeball: Sign-Up April 23rd-29th | Event Day May 5th

Golf Scrambles: Sign-Up April 23rd-29th | Event Day May 5th



Coed Volleyball: God’s Plan comes out with their first victory against Free Agent Attackers! The Free Agent Attackers have yet to win a game.

Outdoor Coed Soccer: 9 Jerks and a Dribble remains undefeated taking down Game of Throw Ins. The Game of Throw Ins take their first loss at 2-1.

Outdoor Men’s Soccer: ABCDE FC cleans out La TechTonics in a 5-0 victory. ABCDE FC remains undefeated and La TechTonics has one loss at 2-1.

Chase Bellefeuille remains the IM player with the most victories. He has 75 wins, behind him is James Rhodes with 57.

Funny Team Names

  • Set For Life (Coed Volleyball)
  • ABCDE FC (Men’s Soccer)
  • Just Kickin It (Outdoor Soccer)
  • I’d Hit That (Women’s Volleyball)
  • Running Out of Puns (Coed Soccer)