Cannabis clubs come to Colorado

Capelli D'Angelo

English: The Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Mar...
English: The Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana ( presents Victoria, the nation’s first legal medical marijuana plant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Englewood Liquor and Medical Marijuana Licensing Authority presented a plan to city council Wednesday that would allow regulated marijuana consumption establishments, according to the Denver Post.

A draft of the new measure states that adults must be 21 or older to enter these establishments, and an effective method of ventilation is required.


A member of the city’s licensing authority, Emmett Reistroffer, said the new businesses will give tourists and local smokers a place to legally blaze in public.

“The goal is to make sure it is a safe environment and a supervised environment,” Reistroffer said. “It would help make sure that marijuana consumption is not done in parks or on the street.”

The city may consider additional requirements, according to Reistroffer. Such as mandating that the employees be sober on the job, or a limit on how many of these establishments can open.

This will not be the first cannabis club in the state, or even in Englewood. One called iBake has been open since June, and the owners say it has been a success.

The city will review the ordinance Nov. 2 during a study session. To learn more about the draft of the proposal, check out the full story.