Over 1,700 arrested in 2014 for possession of cannabis

Capelli D'Angelo

English: Leaf of Cannabis עברית: עלה של קנביס
English: Leaf of Cannabis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to a crime report released today by the FBI, every minute law enforcement officials in the U.S. arrest someone for marijuana possession.

These statistics are climbing each year, along with the number of legal weed supporters.


“It’s unacceptable that police still put this many people in handcuffs for something that a growing majority of Americans think should be legal,” said Tom Angell from a pro-legalization group, Marijuana Majority. “There’s just no good reason that so much police time and taxpayer money is spent punishing people for marijuana when so many murders, rapes and robberies go unsolved.”

Over 620,000 people were arrested in 2014 for possession of marijuana. According to the Washington Post these numbers might even be low due to some states not reporting all arrests made to the FBI.

To see more statistics about possession arrest cases, see the full story.