Hach’s “Walk For Water” Brings Corporate Mission To Life

Doug Hay

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The 5th Annual Hach Walk for Water will take place on Saturday, May 5 on CSU’s campus. This event enables Hach to bring their mission of ensuring water quality for people around the world to life. Over the past five years Hach has helped communities in Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America have more hope and promise than they did before they had access to clean water.  Here are two more examples of Hach’s mission at work:


Kunya, Kenya, 2015  

The community of Kunya is home to 5,600 people. Because of safe water, the village no longer struggles with typhoid. They acknowledge that the water treatment project has unified their community and 
given them a chance to excel financially, physically and mentally. 

Children in the village of Kunya, Kenya collect water from the village pump constructed by Hach.

Huta Ginjang, Indonesia 2016

Huta Ginjang is a community of 2,130 people. They are thankful to Hach for their commitment to provide safe water to their community. Their systems are fully operational and safe water will give them a chance to access water only steps from their homes. 

A celebratory toast around the Hach created clean water project in Huta Ginjang, Indonesia.

To learn more or register for the Walk please visit hachwalkforwater.org.