Easy Holiday Budgeting Tips from Seven Money Pros

(photo credit: getty images)

We all know that the holiday season can make everyone’s wallets feeling a little empty.  With so many gifts to buy and parties to attend, by the end of the season you feel like you’ll have to eat ramen for a month! Fortunately, Refine 29 is here with some great holiday budgeting tips.

  1. Start saving money early
  2. Make a list, check it twice, and stick to the plan
  3. Consider cashing in credit card points
  4. Stock up on cheap stocking stuffers
  5. DIY to save money
  6. Secondhand can be classy

It’s in your best interest to start planning and saving early, so you have exactly what you need and a little time to breath before the holidays.  For the final budgeting tip, click here.