13 Wedding Ideas to Pin Right Now

568543957We all know that Pinterest is the alpha and omega of great ideas.  So, Buzzfeed has found a list of some of the BEST wedding ideas that you can’t possibly miss out on.  Even if a few of them are a bit quirky, they definitely aren’t lacking in the fun department.

Here’s the list.


  1. A rice crispy treat sculpted wedding cake
  2. A very accurate summary of wedding planning as an adult
  3. A girl/boy scout inspired theme
  4. “Sailor Moon” bride and bridal party
  5. Spontaneous pool jumping couple
  6. A fabulous jewel toned stationary
  7. A New Zealand Helicopter elopement
  8. DIY flower girl shoes
  9. Wedding favors from a Harry Potter fans’ dreams
  10. A wedding dress with a cape
  11. Embellished heels
  12. Intimate engagement pictures

For the 13th Pin, click here.