Running Fort Collins with Emily Writebol

Trigg Skoe

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By Trigg Skoe


Those first steps on a trail you begin to open up your stride and breathe deeply, finally feeling alive. Trail running is a great way to keep you in shape and keep your mind at ease. I had the opportunity to speak with Emily Writebol about her love for running and her passion for that slap happy high.

Emily grew up in Parker, Colorado and as an ambitious kid joined the girl scouts and played the piano, but when she joined her local Track Club, the Parker Panthers, everything changed. Running had become her focus. After experiencing the rush of competing and the high of running she became obsessed.

During high school Emily was team captain of her track team and competed in cross country. After graduating she went on to run competitively at Concordia University for two years. Emily then transferred to Colorado State University and now enjoys leisurely runs up at the local trails at Horsetooth Reservoir. 

I asked Emily why she enjoyed running and how pushing her body’s limits could be appealing and this is what she said…

“Running might not be fun in the moment, but that feeling of fullness and relief after is well worth the work”.

Emily and I both encourage you to give running a shot as we have experienced its benefits of body and mind. We hope to see you out there on the trails! Remember to watch for snakes and lions!