An interview with Sara Liberatore

Trigg Skoe

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By Trigg Skoe 


Sara’s first year at Colorado State University has been amazing. She has fallen in love with the campus and has enjoyed the community she has found. The CSU Rodeo Club played an especially important part in helping her find a competing community to continue her racing.

Beginning at age seven, Sara, her sister, and her father would go visit horses and go on casual short rides. From there she made connections with the equestrian and rodeo community. Her racing passion didn’t began until about five years ago, but from there it has taken off and now she can’t seem to satisfy her need for speed.

Sara blames a lot of the success on her horse of eleven years, Tuffy. Tuffy use to be a track horse, but was retired and then rescued by Sara. She has created an undeniably strong trust with Tuffy and wouldn’t trade it for the world. As a summer job Sara works with Mile High Rescue that focuses in rehoming and resale off track horses just like her her Tuffy.

As of now Sara is studying health and exercise science with hopes to help athletes in rehabilitation as she is familiar with that environment from barrel racing and gymnastics. We are excited to see Sara and Tuffy her horse along with the rest of the CSU Rodeo Club at the Skyline Rodeo!