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Trigg Skoe

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By Trigg Skoe


Nick Haller enjoying the tranquility | Jarrod Reynolds

“Ask not of what the environment can do for you, but what you can do for the environment”

Here in Colorado we are known for our outdoors, let preserve them. As fly fishing and other outdoor activities continue to grow, the call for action becomes more and more immediate. The fish are running out of water or swimming through polluted waters, the rivers themselves are drying out and the environment around them is slowly losing it’s green. We all love to get outside and enjoy these beautiful places, but the impact is overlooked much of the time.

CSU Fly Fishing Club | Nick Haller

As outdoor enthusiasts we must realize that our lifestyles also have impacts and that it is not the other people, but also those who already are responding to the call of the environment. I’m sure you have heard by now “the little things matter”, but this is very true and very important with regards to preservation. Even picking up that little piece of trash floating passed you while fishing can make an impact, but to really take action we must come together as a group of people alike and not alike to speak for our environment to protect and preserve nature’s beauty for those to come.