Ultimate Frisbee at CSU

Trigg Skoe

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Tired of all those traditional sports? Grab a disc some friends and get your ultimate game started. The frisbee has long since been viewed as a leisure activity just tossing the disc back and forth, but it is slowly becoming a nationally recognized action sport. With USA Ultimate governing the sport of Ultimate, it has gained traction in youth, colleges, and many communities. They have competitions for youth, collegiate teams, club teams, master division teams, and those who’d rather be on a beach.  


From local communities to collegiate clubs, to the national teams of USA Ultimate, this sport is for everyone. It gives every member opportunities to meet great people, enjoy exercising and just enjoy the simplicity of tossing a disc or making that ultimate highlight reel. The Ultimate sport is only going to get bigger so don’t be a bandwagoner and get on the movement soon.

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee: Hibida

The Hibida ultimate frisbee team has been around Colorado State’s Campus since the late 1980’s. Each year tryouts are held in the Fall and generally the memberships consist of around 25 students. The main season is during the spring semester, and practices are held three days a week from 4-6 p.m., or 5-7 p.m. Participating on a sport club team is a good way to keep that competitive edge and have fun enjoying the sport.

The Hibida Ultimate Frisbee sport club travels around the country and competes in tournaments against schools from across the nation. They are a competitive team who strives to compete at a national level while also being relaxed and having fun, because that’s what the sport is all about.

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Women’s Ultimate Frisbee: The Hell’s Belles

Hell’s Belles is Colorado State University’s club women’s ultimate frisbee team. The team currently has about 25 members that play and year-round against other college club ultimate teams under the national governing body, USA Ultimate. The team travels to tournaments across the country, visiting places like Minnesota, Texas, California, and Missouri. In the fall, they typically travel to two tournaments and in the spring (their main season), they typically travel to four tournaments. In addition, the end of the spring season culminates with “The Series” (Sectionals, Regionals, and Nationals upon qualification).

Although they are a rather small team, their success grows every year. At the end of the ’15-’16 season, they placed 3rd in their section and 4th in the South Central region. During the ’16 -`17 season, they were ranked 17th in the nation.

Beyond ultimate frisbee, the program provides students with excellent opportunity for leadership, responsibility, community, and quality athletics that will benefit them long after they graduate. One of the club’s biggest goals is to cultivate a welcoming, supportive, and positive community for students to be a part of. Women’s Ultimate is an excellent way for students to build friendships, find community, have fun, and participate in athletics.


Check out our Facebook page @https://www.facebook.com/csuwomensultimate/