The New Age Golf: Disc Golf

Trigg Skoe

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By Noah Newman, Feature Photo: Conrad Meyer 


With nine courses around Fort Collins there is no better way to get out, exercise, and toss some discs with disc golf. Much like the traditional sport golf, disc golf requires a multitude of different tools to get closer to the hole. The hole is a big metal basket placed a certain distance from the throwing pad. The “clubs” in disc golf are a putter, driver, and approach discs.

Disc golf is very easy to get into and can become a great hobby because you only need one disc to play and most courses are free to play. With the already large and growing community, the disc golf sport is also a great way to meet people. The wonderful part about disc golf is no matter what your skill level is, you can join in and be as competitive as you’d like.

Many disc golf enthusiasts use the sport as a park hobby, but on the other side of the spectrum, there are many professional competitors who travel around the world to show off their skills.  The Professional Disc Golf Association is the competitive governing body with over 100,000 members worldwide. With 23 regional tournaments, and a National Championship, collegiate disc golf is a growing competitive network with their own governing body. Colorado State University has been very successful in the National championship, winning in 2012 and taking second the next year along with many other top 10 finishes.

The CSU Disc Golf Club is always accepting new players to come practice or join us for rounds on the weekends. The club is full of different members at all skill levels. Some players compete in local competitions on a regular basis while others compete very rarely if at all. CSU is competing for the National Championship in 2019 which will be in Appling, Georgia, at the International Disc Golf Center from March 27th-30th. Check out the disc golf club’s site for more information.

Be sure to visit The Wright Life, your local disc golf and skate shop with hundreds of discs to choose from. Once you have picked up a disc or two head over to Edora Park or Aggie Greens Disc Golf Course to get a round in.

If you want to come check out disc golf at CSU swing by for a practice or send the club president an email which can be found on the sports club Disc Golf page on CSU campus recreation website.