Our Trip to Never Summer Nordic Yurts

Trigg Skoe

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by Trigg Skoe 


A Gem Hidden Away in the Mountains: Never Summer Nordic Yurts

With all the snow falling in Colorado we had to get up to the mountains over spring break. So, we packed up our van and Moose to hit our local area of Cameron Pass. On St Patty’s Day and Monday we got to do some turns in the backcountry and had the pleasure of staying at The Never Summer Nordic Yurts. Our yurt was one of the available drive up yurts, the Alpine Yurt, which also allowed dogs and slept 8+ people. The road was easy to drive and a short ways off highway 14 near Gould.

On both St Patty’s Day and Monday we toured up the South Diamond Peaks area and after getting our turns in on Sunday we were able to snuggle up in the mountains at our yurt for the night. The yurt had great views, provided a fully stocked kitchen, and a wood stove. Our group enjoyed drinking beers and eating tacos in the last sunlight of the day on the porch with tuckered out Moose and it could not have been better. The wood stove kept us very warm and made us all feel cozy and at home. The night was filled with laughing and playing cards and of course a little celebration of St Patty’s Day.

In the morning we woke up to the sun and tended to the fire. We made bacon and pancakes enjoying the last hour in the wonderful little mountain get away. After breakfast and packing we drove the 15min up to the ski area and geared up. The snow was heavy and thick, but the runs were, as always, unbelievable. Our day finished with beers at the parking lot and Moose rolling in the snow.
We had an amazing Spring Break and hope all of you did to. If you didn’t, make sure to book a yurt at Never Summer Nordic Yurts next year! This summer there are also some opportunities to check out this great establishment, but make sure your bike is ready and your skills are tuned. Up at the yurts there is backcountry mountain biking available where your blazing your own trail. If your’e not extreme enough for that, there are also some easy dirt road biking available nearby the yurts as well as great wildlife viewing opportunities.