In the Life of an Angler with Nick Haller and Alex Liston

Trigg Skoe

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Cold days fishing | Nick Haller

By Trigg Skoe


Alex and Nick are fly fishing enthusiasts that love the sport and the community it is associated with. Alpine lake fishing tops the list of fishing areas for both these anglers because of the solitude found without the loneliness of being alone. Their beginner tips are too not spend a lot of money on gear as the rods and gear from Cabela’s and other big sporting good stores will be sufficient for reeling in fighters and to keep going with the sport even though the first few weeks there may be no fish, it is all worth it. As both Nick and Alex stated, the fishing really isn’t about the fish at the end of your line, but the journey you are thrown into when you go fly fishing.

Alex Liston:

Coming from Chicago to attend Colorado State University, Alex decided to study civil engineering with the goal of finding a career in river restoration. He is now a senior and has participated in the club for all 4 years. His position with the club currently is the treasurer.

Around 17 years ago Alex vaguely remembers where it all began, by picking up a fly rod with his grandfather by his side. From his first experience fishing with his grandpa, his passion escalated quickly and it soon became his obsession. He has traveled to areas of the Florida Keys for saltwater fly fishing and he has constructed his fishing bucket list with over 60 species all over the world in hopes of catching them all. Around Fort Collins Alex recommends anglers to lake Agnes up the Cache la Poudre canyon where few anglers are and some gorgeous greenback cutthroat trout can be caught.  

Nick Haller:

Nick Haller showing off his fish | Jarrod Reynolds

In his senior year at Colorado State University studying construction management with a minor in ecosystem science and sustainability, Nick is seeking a career in dam removal and restoration. From the beginning of his CSU education he was a member of the fly fishing club and now has the position of vice president.

Introduced to the sport by his father at age 4, Nick found a hobby for life. Fly fishing has led Nick to starting his own media company based on “bringing back the stoke” to fishing. Check it out at Nomadic Anglers! His recommendations for Colorado are the Taylor River where you can catch some beautiful brownies or the local spot of Joe Wright Reservoir, the only area in CO to catch alaskan grayling.