Gear for your Ski/Snowboard Adventure

Trigg Skoe

Gear for your Ski/Snowboard Adventure

By Trigg Skoe


man w skiis
Denali expedition team members and CSU students James McCulloch and Zac Poe take a break before backcountry skiing down Cameron Pass.
(Anna von Pechmann | Collegian)

Where to Rent Gear

For many Coloradans, winter means hitting the slopes, and by that, I mean everyday is a fight to not skip work or school to go shred the mountains. If you haven’t caught this bug, you probably will eventually. When that time comes, renting gear is a great way to get introduced into winter sports without having to spend wads of money before knowing whether or not you’ll enjoy it. Lucky for you, Fort Collins has some great rental shops for snowboarding and skiing, including Outpost Sunsports who rents backcountry set ups! The other businesses include Christy Sports, Outpost Sunsports, REI and Scheels.   

Where to Buy Used Gear

Ready to commit? After you have caught the winter shred bug, it is time to look into purchasing your own set up. Websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are easy to navigate and are regularly posted on. Other platforms include apps like Letgo and Offerup. When buying gear from someone online, make sure you go to a known area and check that everything is fully functional and works with any gear you already own. Another option to consider is heading over to Gearage, the local outdoor consignment shop. Here you can find great options for great prices, along with friendly faces behind the counter. Used gear can be great, but do your research before buying something to make sure you’re spending wisely and getting the best deal.

Have too much Gear?

Thinking of doing some winter cleaning of all your old ski or snowboarding gear but don’t know where to start? Here are 5 easy steps to clear your old gear.

  • Step 1: Gather up any old gloves, jackets, pants, anything snow sports related that you haven’t worn for a while and don’t plan on wearing and put it all into a pile
  • Step 2: Try the gear on to see if it fits then separate them into two piles of stuff that does and doesn’t fit.
  • Step 3: Of the gear that does fit, decide if you are planning on wearing it or if you don’t want to keep it. 
  • Step 4. Put everything that doesn’t fit and that you don’t want into a pile. Examine if the gear is still in good shape or if you need to throw it away.
  • Step 5: All the gear that you wish to get rid of that is still in good condition, wash it, if you can, and bring it into a place that takes donations or items you want to sell.

If you have any questions, or gear you want to donate or sell, you can bring it into Gearage Outdoor Sports located at 119 East Mountain Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80524. You can also purchase any gear you may not have for an affordable price at Gearage.