RamPage’s Moose The Dog and His Friends

Trigg Skoe

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The cheesehound himself and the mascot of RamPage, Moose the Dog. Moose and Trigg Skoe the editor of RamPage found each other a little over year and a half ago after he got in trouble with the neighbors chickens. From the beginning he was the happiest dog ever and from their rafting, snowboarding, and biking adventures Moose’s smile has only grown larger. Moose is a white, black, and grey husky mix that’s a tad over 2 years old.


Here are some friends of Moose’s from Rocky Mountain Student Media, read about their favorite activities below!  If you see Moose and Trigg out on an adventure, at the RamPage table at the Rec Center at CSU or any of the RamPage crew stop in and say hello!

Charlie- Yellow Lab, 4 months old
Rocky- American Bulldog, 12 years old
Kenny- Golden Yellow Lab, 4 years old
Truman- Shih Tzu, 13 years old
Ranger- Saint Bernard/ Great Pyrenees, 7 years old
Molly- German Shepard mix, 9 years
Booster and Ripley- Lab and Golden Retriever, 2 years and one years old
Drake- Aussie Shepard mix, 10 years old
Peach- English Pointer, 3 years old