Colorado Hot Springs Road Trip

Trigg Skoe

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By Trigg Skoe


Get on the highway and outta the cold! Follow our hot spring guide for relaxation and some heat! Our guide leads you around Colorado and to some of the best hot spring destinations in the state. Be sure to watch for weather before driving and drive safely! Check resort websites for more details.

Buena Vista- Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn and Spa

Located in Buena Vista, Colorado nestled up against the 14,000 foot Collegiate Peaks you can stumble upon the cozy Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn and Spa. Used for centuries by the Ute Indians as a spiritual gathering place, these gravity-fed mineral waters are known for their therapeutic value. The pool temperatures range from 63℉ to 106℉ and the cost is $20 on the weekdays and $24 on the weekends.

Pagosa Springs- The Springs Resort and Spa

Continuing south, the Springs Resort and Spa found in Pagosa Springs gives you twenty three  choices of hot mineral water. Each pool is different so be sure to check them all out. These pools range in temperature from 83℉ to 114℉ and admission is $28.

Durango- Trimble Spa and Natural Hot Springs

In the beautiful town of Durango only seven miles from downtown a few mineral pools are offered at the wonderful Trimble Spa and Natural Hot Springs. These have been around for a very long time and are enjoyed by many. For a soak in these pools admission is $17.

Ouray Hot Springs | Krystal Usher

Ouray- Ouray Hot Spring Pool

Snuggled up at the base of the mountains in the small town of Ouray is a large hot spring pool.  Coming out of Box Canyon at 150℉, Ouray’s pools offer temperatures between 78℉ and 106℉. These are an amazing soak and be sure to hang around for the stars at night as there’s very little light pollution. The admission here is $18.

Glenwood- Glenwood Hot Springs Pool


While in the Iconic town of Glenwood Springs take a soak in the world’s largest hot springs pool. The pool stays around 103℉ and the fee to get in is $17.50.

Steamboat Springs- Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Right alongside Hot Springs Creek are some must see mineral hot springs. At 104℉ stay cozy and relax after skiing the fluffy powder of Steamboat. The prices here are $15 for adults.