Best ways to get to DIA

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An airbus A380-800 from Lufthansa in Frankfurt Germany. (Photo by Grogri via Flickr, licensed with Creative Commons.)

By Rachel Rasmussen


            As Spring Break edges closer, students are starting to try and find the easiest, cheapest, and fastest ways to get from CSU to Denver International Airport. With many different options available to students, here is a breakdown of the different ways you can get from the CSU campus to DIA.

Green Ride:

  • To set up a reservation to take Green Ride, you can either reserve one online or call their contact information at 970-226-5533
  • They pick you up at the CSU Transit Center or if you live off campus, you can schedule a time for them to pick you up at your house (door-to-door).
  • The standard fare for Fort Collins is $35, Door-to-door service is $49. It’s $30 for a second passenger and $30 for any extra passengers. Two bags per passenger for free.
  • If you have a bike in a box, it’s $5 extra, extra luggage is $3, and oversized luggage, skis and golf clubs are $3 each.
  • For any more information or to schedule a reservation, visit
Uber App (Photo Courtesy of


  • UberX: the fare to go from CSU to DIA is around $100 plus tip depending on the time of day.
  • Uber XL: the fare would be around $170 plus tip and depending on the time of day.




  • Lyft: the cost would be around $100 plus tip depending on the time of day.
  • Lyft XL: the cost would be a little over $170 plus tip and depending on the time of day.

CSU Discounts

  • WallyPark:
    • The self-park service for WallyPark is $13.95; CSU’s discount puts it at $7.17. For valet uncovered, the regular cost is $17.95, CSU’s discount makes the price $9.57
    • Customers get one Wally Club point and for every 10 points earned, customers get $1 off their bill.
    • To use the discount go online to Wally Park website and keep the reservation email to show the cashier when you return from your trip.
    • Cancel your reservation up to a minute before your reservation begins and still get a full refund.
    • For more information you can visit the CSU discount information at WallyPark Flyer for Colorado State University Employees or you can visit the WallyPark website at com/ColoradoStateUniversity