Living The “LifeActive” Way

Trigg Skoe


When hitting the slopes this winter, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to capture the awesome moments that you experience. There are a variety of ways that you can go about getting great video, some more expensive than others. Here at RamPage, as college students on a budget, we are always looking for the best bang for our buck. Whether you are looking to use a GoPro or your phone, the LifeActiv Quickmount is a great option to get that sweet footage that you are looking for. Currently offered for under $40 on your CSU Student Discount, we consider it a small price to pay for assurance that your camera/phone will be in prime position for the best footage. Additionally, their innovative mounting system is known for being able to take a beating and still stay attached.


You can find the LifeActiv Quickmount at the local Otter Shop in old town at 151 West Mountain Avenue, or online at Cheers to a snow filled ski season, and good luck capturing those priceless moments!