Kayak Polo and Roll Sessions

Trigg Skoe


Kayak Polo | Photo by Trigg Skoe

By Trigg Skoe


Water sports can be hard to find here in Colorado during the winters, but don’t worry the pool at The Epic Center offers kayak polo and roll sessions every Thursday night at 8:45pm. Bring 14$ and if you want to practice rolling bring your own gear, if you’re feeling a little more excited join in on the polo which gear is provided, but it is recommended to bring your own paddle and skirt.

Kayak polo is a sport that consists of two teams passing and dribbling the ball back and forth down the court trying to score on each others goals. It is exhilarating paddling down the pool trying to score well there are five other kayakers chasing you down trying to ram and push you off course. Join in on the fun and come paddle!  

Ellie Moore chasing the ball down at Kayak Polo | Photo by Trigg Skoe